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I have been training with Mike regularly over the past few years. Mike has taught me not only to ride faster but most importantly safer ! His race schools and training style really get you to think about what you are doing and once you start applying his pointers, you see results and feel much more in control. I can confidently say that every time I go out with Mike I reduce my lap times. Mike is more than just a track trainer and has helped me with nutrition, fitness and mental state of mind in preparation for the MANX GP. Thank you Mike for all the help and I look forward to getting to the next level with you! Warren Verwey (WAZZY)

Recently I have been lucky enough to work with Mike for the final 2 rounds of the CEV championship in Spain. 
As I had never ridden the tracks I was to race on, Mikes help was invaluable. He took us on numerous track walks to show braking markers, lines and many other helpful hints. The more laps I did the more I realised how well Mikes advice worked to both ride in control and drop lap times. 
Mikes straight forward approach is pretty full on but undoubtedly gets results. Without him I would not have achieved the results I was able to.
Tyson Jones #86


i was fortunate enough to spend some time with Mike throughout 2013, with pre season testing and then the final 4 rounds of the Spanish CEV Championship! Mikes knowledge is second to none, pinpoint accurate throughout each part of the track. Mike isn't one to sugarcoat issues or beat around the bush, he focuses directly on issues and helps resolve them as quickly and easily with you! Mike turned my 2013 season around when we started working together midway through the season. You just have to watch Mike on track or his videos just to see how smooth and accurate he is lap after lap. I would not hesitate at all in using Mike again for any of my racing or testing events, and would hope to continue working with Mike in 2014 and beyond.

Bryce Van Hoof #43

So after the preliminaries the first question “So why do you go racing Col?” a few seconds thought and I said “Well I enjoy it Mike, it’s a good laugh, weekend away, shift a bit of stress” Wrong answer!
You race to win, nothing less, always. Then followed a highly motivational and structured day.
Starting with a lap on push bikes, I was amazed at the features Mike spotted to use as markers
First session, just take it easy and warm up, no pressure. You just know Mike has seen every line, apex, mistake, the lot
The day was then spent analysing bends, straights, markers, what’s important, what’s not important. In fact everything you can think of and loads that you can’t
Mike’s style is firm and truthful, no platitudes and window dressing here, if you do well he tells you, if you don’t there is more work to do. Simple

A great day which has helped me to go significantly quicker at every circuit we visit and eventually winning the ACU 600 National Endurance championship......

I used Mike's expertise several times in my endurance and sprint seasons. His no nonsense approach, is efficient and concise. We found vital seconds and was taught to ride fast and safe! we won the endurance championship on the back of Mike's tuition and didn't crash in the season while improving lap times every round. If you need a real kick up the behind, he will oblige, then take you out and find the 2 seconds a lap you were looking for, it worked for me! Great guy, massively experienced and the best and most cost efficient way to becoming the rider you want to be! 10 out of 10!


I spent the day with Mike at Jerez. As a 'seasoned' rider that had given up racing I had gotten 'lazy' 'sloppy' and frankly slow! But I didn't realise how bad it was till mike got me on camera! Mike is very to the point, pulls no punches and certainly doesn't blow smoke up your a&#s but he run structured session working on specific points in every session with a view to you linking those exercises together and (hopefully) improving your riding and trackcraft - he isn't a magic wand - you have to make it happen but he will provide you with the 'tools' to do so. Thank you. Tony

 My day with Mike Dickinson,
My day began with a briefing and Mike explained what we would be doing, there would be one lesson 
per session and I would be expected to apply each lesson to the previous lessons.
The first time out was a look at my riding style, "Well Tony there is good and bad news,
some of your riding is terrible and some is f*cking awful."
Mike is straight talking and doesn't pull his punches.
It was a hard day and a lot to think about but also one of the best days I have ever had on a 
motorcycle. The gps doesn't lie and at the end of the day with Mike I had knocked over three seconds 
off of my best lap time. 
Mike gave me so much info I found I couldn't process and practise it all in one day and so on day three
I had my first race win and a best lap of 1.44.7, that is a 5.9 secs improvement with Mike's help.
To be honest I didn't think I was capable of such a lap time and also it doesn't feel like I am trying 
any harder because of the way Mike has taught me to process information.
Thanks Mike.

I have been riding on track for about ten years, on and off, and ride at a reasonable fast group pace. Not that I think the pace you are at massively affects what I am about to say.




Lap times don’t mean everything – especially at a track day – but they do give a good indication of your riding.




My lap times have at best remained static, if not increased for a good few years.




I did most of a seasons racing last year with No Limits in the Newcomers 1000 class and a couple of Hottrax Endurance rounds the year before. In both classes I have been running near the front of the relevant class but really haven’t felt good riding the bike and had no idea as to how I would improve.




I spent most of the last two years messing around with all sorts of bits and settings on the bike to no avail.




I even bought a new bike as I was convinced the other bike just did not suit me. Needless to say when I rode the new bike nothing really changed.




Both bikes were good well maintained bikes with all the go faster bolt on goodies. Not one of these upgrades has given me anymore speed. Some do look bloody good though!!




I’m not a rich person, but I have spent what lots would consider an extravagant amount of money. All of it wasted as my goal has always been to ride faster but staying safe.




In reality all you need is a good set of suitable track tyres and a well maintained set-up and reliable bike, at least until you are a lot quicker than me.




I would consider myself a thinking rider and I thought I had considered every option as to why I was riding the way I had been.




So I decided give up as I’m not enjoying it or get some coaching. I’ve tried the star rider type instructors etc. and all have improved my lap time at that particular track but given no real feedback and no improvement anywhere else. I am not saying that it’s a waste of time just that I got no long term benefit


What eventually happened is that I contacted Mike Dickinson and managed to arrange a date whilst in Jerez. Mike is based in Spain now and does most of his work at all of the Spanish tracks.




I had all my preconceived ideas of what I have been doing wrong with the main issue being that I could not anchor myself properly on the bike. Hence buying the new bike.




All my thoughts were wrong and I have wasted 2 years working on things that either didn’t matter or weren’t wrong in the first place.




Mike started the day with a basic chat about what I wanted to achieve from the day and the focus of where I would like my riding to go. He didn’t really want to discuss too much my ideas of what I thought was wrong as he said its best just to take the first session as a warm-up and appraise my riding.




I basically told him that I didn’t just want a quick lap round Jerez I wanted to learn to be faster and more in control everywhere.




Mike then structured his day around my needs. It’s a full day of riding and debriefs. The debriefs / chats being at least as important, if not more so, than the riding.




I won’t go into exactly what was said and done through the day for 2 main reasons.




1.       The day was tailored around my needs. What I needed would not be the same exact process for everyone.


2.       Although I feel I could now communicate several good pointers for most people. It’s not the same as being told something and having it demonstrated properly by someone who actually really knows what they are doing.




Mike has a very clear and concise way of explaining things in a very logical manner that he then proves practically. You can’t disagree with anything he says because of the way this is done.




The day is full on. Mentally and physically draining.  Especially when you’re an unfit old git like me. I found that although I understood every session and debrief in isolation, it was difficult to take it all in and link it all on the day. I would recommend lots of notes in the debriefs.




The only limit on my progress was how quickly I could put into practice what I was learning.




I was fortunate enough to have another days riding the followings day. I had some issues with my bike so only managed 3 sessions.




With the coaching clearer in my head, after a night to reflect and rest. Thinking about the important aspects of the riding I managed to go a good chunk faster. Most importantly to me I managed this in complete safety, without scary moments and could still see how to improve for the next session.




I now have a complete sense of how to approach my riding and improve it step by step, not only at one track but at every track.




I can’t wait to apply the new process at my next day.




If you want to learn and are willing to listen then I would definitely highly recommend Mike’s services.





I recently took the race clinic with Mike at Cartagena.  I felt confident on my bike but I wanted to go faster while still having the same confidents.  We started with a warm up session while Mike followed to see where I was at. After the session we sat together and discussed to the previous session and then what was to happen in the following sessions.  Mike has a sequence of events of what should happen while out on the track, we started to learn these sequences’ s slowly adding a new sequence every session. By the afternoon and linking all that Mike had taught me during the day started to click I felt I was putting less effort in but my lap times were coming down. After the last session I had even more confidents than I started with and I definitely had more pace and felt safer on the bike. 
It was the following day that I notice the most as I carried on with what I had learnt from Mike I was lapping quicker and quicker while all the time feeling safe at what I was doing with my bike.
In total I knocked over 7 seconds a lap of my original times and was putting in good times lap after lap.
Mike has a direct approach which works well and I hope that I can hook up with him in the future and he is highly recommended from me 
Daniel Shaw